Medical Record Abstraction
EMR-Charts is a web-based application and service that offers features specifically designed to help manage and facilitate the abstraction of medical data from scanned medical charts. EMR-Charts abstraction application works with document management/scanning services on one end and then outputs digital data directly into leading EMR applications. The full EMR-Charts system gives medical practices the ability to manage and oversee the process of converting paper charts into electronic records.
Important EMR-Charts Features include:
  • Flexible chart input options:
    • automated, http/ftp uploads, drag & drop
    • Multiple input formats supported: .pdf, .jgp, .tiff, .doc and more

  • Provides side-by-side windows for finding and abstracting critical “Meaningful Use” data:
    • Medications, medical problems, allergies, immunizations
    • Easily customizable for different fields/practices

  • Prioritizes chart review based on scheduled appointments

  • Customized interfaces for all process stages and all active participants
    • Medical transcriptionist, reviewer, physician, administrator

  • Allows abstraction work to be done in-house or by our fully trained, experienced, medical transcription team

  • Data exports directly into EMR systems via variety of formats: HL7, .csv, .txt, .pdf

  • HIPAA compliant with full audit trail capability
EMR-Charts offers our clients the following benefits:
  • Accelerated EMR deployment and Return On Investment

  • Elimination of backlogs and hybrid paper/digital environment

  • Helps meet required Stage 1 EHR Meaningful Use specifications

  • Minimal hardware and software costs, 24/7 onsite/offsite accessibility

  • Digital access and automated process flow drives significant cost savings versus paper-based systems

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